wwt_data_formats.server.launch_app_for_wtml(wtml_url, image_url=None, browser=None, app_type='webclient', app_url=None)[source]

Launch a WWT data viewer in a new browser window.


The URL of the WTML file to view


The URL of the imageset within the WTML file to view. This is currently required.

browseroptional str or None

The type of web browser to use to open the WTML preview application, as understood by the webbrowser module. If unspecified, webbrowser will guess a sensible default.

app_typeoptional str

Which kind or application to use to view the WTML file. Allowed values are "webclient" (the default) for the classic WWT webclient, or "research" for the WWT research application.

app_urloptional str or None

The URL to use for the preview app. If None (the default), the default URL for the specified application is used. Note that this does not supersede the app_type argument because the form of the query string that is passed to the preview app depends on its type.

A human-readable description of the app that has been launched.