wwtdatatool cabinet pack

The cabinet pack creates a WWT “file cabinet” container file from a set of input files on disk. WWT data files that use the “file cabinet” format include layer files (.wwtl) and tour files (.wtt).


wwtdatatool cabinet pack {CABINET-PATH} {INPUT-PATH ...}
  • The CABINET-PATH argument gives the path to the cabinet file that will be created.

  • One or more INPUT-PATH arguments give the paths to the input files that will be inserted into the new cabinet file.


$ wwtdatatool cabinet pack mytour.wtt fixedfile.wwtxml music.mp4


The input file paths must be relative paths and not contain any special directory indicators like . or ...

The files will be packed into the cabinet in the order in which they are provided on the command line. For many cabinet files, the first file should be a special XML document, so beware of using globs (*) to list your inputs, since they may yield the wrong ordering.

In the current implementation, the input files are stored in memory before writing the new cabinet file to disk. This means that this tool may be unable to create very large (gigabytes) cabinets. This restriction is purely from laziness, so if you need to create a large cabinet file, file an issue.

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