wwtdatatool preview

The preview command allows you to preview a draft WTML file by opening it up in a browser window with the WWT webclient or the WWT research app. The file and its associated data sets are made accessible to the webclient through an embedded HTTP server.


wwtdatatool preview
   [--research] [-r]
   [-b BROWSER] [--browser BROWSER]
   [--appurl URL]

The WTML argument is the path of a WTML file. This may be an index_rel.wtml file, containing relative URLs, or a regular WTML file containing only absolute URLs.

If the -r or --research option is supplied, the file is previewed using the WWT research app. By default, the WWT webclient is used.

The -b or --browser option specifies which web browser to use, using an identifier as understood by the Python “webbrowser” module. Typical choices might be firefox, safari, or google-chrome. If unspecified, a sensible default will be used.

The --appurl option can be used to override the base URL for the preview app that will be used. This can be helpful when developing new features in one of these apps.


After tiling an image with toasty into a directory named tiled, preview the tiled data:

wwtdatatool preview tiled/index_rel.wtml


This command runs the same kind of local HTTP server as described in the documentation for the wwtdatatool serve command.

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