wwtdatatool wtml register-images

The register-images subcommand iterates over all of the imagesets defined in a WTML file and registers them with the WWT Constellations system.

This command requires that the wwt-api-client Python package is installed.


wwtdatatool wtml register-images
  --handle {HANDLE}
  --copyright {COPYRIGHT}
  --license-id {LICENSE-ID}

The WTML argument is the path to the input WTML file containing the imageset(s) to register. The images must have been uploaded somewhere accessible on the general web — do not run this command with an index_rel.wtml file!

The HANDLE argument is the Constellations “handle” that will own the images. The Constellations login used by the wwt_api_client package needs to have sufficient permissions to create images attached to the handle. (If you are using the API programmatically for the first time, it will print a magic URL that you will use to log in to your account, setting up the linkage.)

The COPYRIGHT argument is the copyright statement that will be attached to the images. It can be edited after-the-fact if needed. Preferred form is along the lines of “Copyright 2020 Henrietta Swan Leavitt” or “Public domain”. Note that the correct information for this field cannot be determined algorithmically. Note also that under the world’s current regime of intellectual property law, virtually every single image in WWT can be presumed to be copyrighted, with the major exception of images produced by employees of the US Federal government in the course of their duties (e.g., NASA images).

The LICENSE-ID argument gives the SPDX License Identifier of the license under which this image is made available through WWT. Use CC-PDDC for images in the public domain. For images with known licenses that are not in the SPDX list, use LicenseRef-$TEXT for some value of $TEXT. The WWT validation code recognizes LicenseRef-None for “All rights reserved” and LicenseRef-WWT for images in the legacy WWT corpus.


Typical usage for a JWST image might look like

wwtdatatool wtml register-images
  --handle jwst
  --copyright "Public Domain"
  --license-id CC-PDDC

Once the images are added, you can use the Constellations UI to create “scenes” displaying them.