wwtdatatool wtml rewrite-disk

The rewrite-disk subcommand takes a template WTML file populated with relative URLs and writes out a new file in which they have been changed to absolute paths on the local disk. Such a file is useful because it can be opened in the WWT desktop application.


wwtdatatool wtml rewrite-disk {INPUT-WTML} {OUTPUT-WTML}
  • The INPUT-WTML argument is the path to an input WTML file that may contain relative disk for some of its data references.

  • The OUTPUT-WTML argument is the path where the modified output WTML file will be written.


In typical usage, it is expected that you’re preparing a data set for use in WWT. Using a tool like toasty, you’ve created data files and a WTML file named index_rel.wtml describing them. This file contains relative data URLs, which are useful for data preparation but not allowed by the WWT apps. To test your WTML by opening it in the Windows app, you might run:

wwtdatatool wtml rewrite-disk index_rel.wtml local.wtml

Then you’d open local.wtml in the WWT desktop application to see how your data look.

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