AAS WorldWide Telescope Data Formats

wwt_data_formats is a low-level Python package that interfaces with the various XML serialization formats used by WorldWide Telescope. The documentation of this package aims to provide a comprehensive reference for these data formats.

The core data formats documented here are:

This package also includes a CLI (command-line interface) tool, wwtdatatool, that provides some useful ways of working with various WWT data files. See the CLI Reference for a list of its functionality.

Table of Contents

API Reference

Getting help

If you run into any issues when using wwt_data_formats, please open an issue on its GitHub repository.


wwt_data_formats is part of the WorldWide Telescope system, a .NET Foundation project. Work on WWT has been supported by the American Astronomical Society (AAS), the US National Science Foundation (grants 1550701, 1642446, and 2004840), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and Microsoft.